Mobile Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

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August 14, 2018

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) has finalized the compilation and analysis of the data collected during the first external mobile service customer satisfaction survey. We are pleased to present the same to the public through the local media, the press, and digitally through our website and social media. Post hurricane Maria, the NTRC heard many verbal complaints pertaining to the quality of service being experienced by the public. Whilst very few written complaints were received by the NTRC, there was no denying the impact hurricane Maria had on the quality of service. One of the major objectives of this survey was to capture the level of this impact from the consumer’s perspective. Over 500 persons were surveyed to ensure that our results would be statistically significant.

Executive Director of the NTRC, Craig Nesty stated, “This initiative is the first step towards ensuring that the customer’s interests are protected. Poor quality service is a double edge sword for consumers. It causes them to use much more of the service in order to derive the expected benefits and this increase in consumption results in much higher cost being levied on the consumer for the use of the service. To compound matters further, there are no substitute services immediately post disaster”.

The Chairman of the NTRC Mr. Curtiss Winston said, “I welcome this initiative and believe the results will allow the Commission to adopt new policies that would better protect the consumer post disaster. Most notably, if the supply side of the service is compromised then this should warrant an adjustment of the billing for the service”.

The NTRC wants to thank all who participated in the survey and is confident that the information gathered will lead to changes in how service providers deal with consumers overall and not just post disasters. The survey will also serve as a baseline for future comparisons and to assess the level of improvements made by the providers from the consumer’s perspective. It is our hope that key performance indicators from the providers will be collated and compared with this survey to assess how the different measures correlate and whether one maybe used as a reasonable proxy for the other. The results are posted on our Facebook page at and on our website at The raw data is also available on request. Should you have any further issues, questions or disputes which have not been resolved with the service providers the NTRC encourages to contact them in order that a path to resolution may be realized.


Contact: Craig Nesty

Executive Director

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